Take tips to walk comfortably in high heels

How To Walk Comfortably In High Heels?

High heels are like best friends for girls. They are perfect addition to any outfits and even make our legs look like supermodels.

High heels help you look taller, slimmer and give you a sky high confidence.

They are not just pain & blisters, even walking gracefully while wearing heels is a great challenge.

Tips to walk comfortably in high heels:-

1. Take smaller steps. While wearing heels take smaller steps and even be more careful if you’re not used to wearing high heels.

2. Walk from heel to toe. Try to walk as normal as possible you can.

3. Improve your posture. Wearing high heels shifts your center of gravity and this hurts your lower back if you don’t maintain proper posture.

4. Imagine walking along an invisible line. Practice cat walk along an invisible line this helps you achieve best sway.

5. Practice wearing heels around your house. This help you walk comfortably and properly in high heels.

6. Practice standing in high heels. This is where you have proper, comfortable high heels.

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