Jason Momoa is an American actor popularly known for his work in Aquaman.
He is also a Model and that gives us many of his fashion goals and tips to style our outfits.

Are you confused about how to style in Tees? Then, Jason Momoa is the inspiration for you to style in simple Tee. In one of his Instagram post, Jason wore a simple grey T-shirt.

He was seen wearing a plain Red t-shirt at an airport. During a press conference, Jason wore a white t-shirt with a gray vest over it.

In one of his movies, Jason can be seen wearing a cream coloured long-sleeved T-shirt.

Mark Ruffalo is one of the best Hollywood Celebrities. He is also popularly known for the Role of The Hulk in the Avengers movie series. The actor is never out of fashion even at the age of 52.

Mark Ruffalo was seen wearing a Navy Blue t-shirt with small white prints over it. Mark Ruffalo wore a simple Dark Blue Long-sleeved t-shirt. Mark Ruffalo was seen wearing a light maroon coloured collar T-shirt.

Chris Pratt is an American actor. He has set a wide career in both Televisions as well as Film Industry. The actor knows to style even in simple tees.

Chris Pratt wore a simple black tee and styled it with a black leather jacket. Chris wore a gray Bandeau and a black long-sleeved tee over it.

George Clooney is an American actor as well as a director and a screenwriter. George keeps his style cool even at the age of almost 60.

George was seen wearing a blue printed t-shirt. He wore the same pattern t-shirt in black.

George wore a simple plain white t-shirt with a pair of navy blue trousers. George was snapped in a white tee with a pair of denim.