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Here's How To Wear Skirt With Belts

How To Wear Skirt With Belts

Bored of the typical standard way to wear a belt, or are you looking for ways to fashion those pretty belts with the trendy skirts in your wardrobe? Worry not! We’ve got covered. Keep reading to find spicy tips to wear belts on your skirts.

Flap Knots: This suits most types of skirts especially if they’re long and are draped. You have to use a long medium width belt; tie the belt around your waist but don’t put the extra remaining flap through the hoops, instead, get creative with it. Put the flap from underneath the belt and coil it around the belt and tuck the end inside. You can try other pretty knots, to get ideas to refer to the numerous styling videos.

Let It hang: Take a chain belt, with shiny embroidery or a medium width leather belt, pass it through one or two hoops of the skirt either or the left or the right side and buckle it up now let the rest of it fall off on the other side. It should fall across, you might need to do some adjustments to get it right but the results will be beautiful. Best suited with a tube, mermaid or pencil styled skirts

Cloth or denim belts: These are really pretty and with no efforts. Take a cloth or denim belt, leaving one-fourth of it hanging on one side wrap it around your waist, then tie a half Windsor knot and tighten it up for a clean and beautiful look. Best suited with skinny skirts, also goes well with one-piece dresses.

Belt Rope: rugged look, zero efforts. Take a leather belt that suits your skirt, use it as a cloth belt, wrap it around, and tie a knot. You can change the looks by placing the knot in the center or on the sides of your waist.
There’s no rule in fashioning your belt as long as you like the results. Go crazy experimenting on these ideas. Good day!

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