Zillionaire which is a start-up in the domain of creating customised jewelleries for HipHop lovers has been creating buzz recently. Zillionaire which was launched in the lockdown period has been a huge success and they are the ones who introduced the concept of iced-out in India.

A start-up is different from the traditional business because it brings cultural shifts and creates demand for the new products and that is what Zillionaire has been doing and successfully pulling it off and making profits.
Zillionaire has already made the headlines several times from featuring in the cosmopolitan to having its products sold out because of the amazing quality that it has. Recently, they have been making headline for being featured on exhibit magazine too for the Tara Sutaria’s shoot at St Regis Mumbai.

How come these young lads who are 17 years old pulled it off in such a short period of time? Let’s know here in the story-
If you could learn how to capitalise what you like and somehow you pull that off, it really means that you are ahead of many people in the game. This is the idea that brought me here to share with you the story of Zillionaire, “A jewellery designing start-up”. But wait isn’t there already too many of these kind of jewellery-designing start-ups which exist in India who provide service online? What is so new about “Zillionaire”? I appreciate your curiosity. Let me tell you why Zillionaire is different from the others. It is because they saw the trend coming. They saw that vision which make them different. Now, the question is that what did they see?

They saw that Hip-Hop is going to be a part of the popular culture in India and like the west, it will give birth to many cultural trends that could be capitalised to do business. They focused of the jewelleries. Yes. Jewelleries. Jewelleries hold a major significance in the Hip-Hop culture. It is perceived as the sign of making it big. Those who wear jewelleries are respected not because they look rich but because it shows a “Rags to riches” story.

Zillionaire sells luxurious Hip-Hop jewelleries, customised pendants that can enhance anyone’s style game. Started by two 17 year olds, Raghav Goyal and Aaditya Fatehpuriya during the lockdown, Zillionaire has been a hit and featured in Cosmopolitan and some other big media channels since they launched. Zillionaire is growing at a great speed as well as it is making sure that customers end up getting satisfied by their products and services. As we talked more about it with them, they revealed to us that they are overwhelmed by the amazing response by the customers’ end and very soon, they are going to open a Brick & Mortar store in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Zillionaire is not just a jewellery company anymore. It reflects the Indian cultural paradigm that “India is changing”.