Know The Benefits Of 3 Healthy Whole grains.

Grains are very essential for our overall health as it contains varieties of nutrients. Its consumption is very important. First, we look at what is whole grains. Grains normally crushed, rolled, or cracked. If all these three parts are present in their original proportion, they are considered whole grains. In refined grains have had the germ and bran removed, leaving the only endosperm. Various products made from these foods are considered whole grains. These include certain bread, pasta, and breakfast cereals. Overall whole grains contain all three parts of the grain. There are many different kinds, including whole wheat, whole corn, oats, brown rice, etc. Here we look at three whole grains and it’s benefits to all of us.


Oats are considered to be the healthiest whole grains you ever consume. They are full of vital ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Most importantly they are gluten-free. They are rich in oxidants which help you reduce your colon cancer risk and lower blood pressure. Oats help you in digestion and also help you to lower bad cholesterol.


Nowadays whole wheat became a popular healthy option. Whole wheat is a versatile cereal grain. It’s a key ingredient in baked goods, pasta, noodles, bulgar, and semolina. Wheat is very healthy and popular, high gluten content is a matter of concern. But if you can tolerate gluten, whole wheat is the best option for your diet as it contains vitamins, dietary fibers, minerals, and antioxidants. Whole wheat contains the entire grains, including the fibrous husk, bran, and endosperm. Due to this whole wheat gives full benefits to your health.


Bulgur wheat, commonly known as cracked wheat, is popular in Middle Eastern Cuisine and eaten widely. These whole grains are often added to soup, stuffed vegetables, and salads. It is low in fat and high in minerals such as magnesium, manganese, and iron. Research shows that intake of bulgur and other whole grains is linked to less inflammation, lower risk of heart disease and cancer disease.

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