Look At, Foods To Avoid In Monsoon

Foods play an important role in your overall health and wellness. Your food should consist of healthy nutrients and various vitamins as well as minerals. But there are various types of foods you should avoid in the monsoon. Here we look at such foods.


Even though all vegetables are considered to be the healthy options, in monsoon vegetables should be avoided as it may contain germs, which grows in the humid atmosphere of monsoon season.


Sour foods like tamarind, chutney, pickles cause water retention in the body which can make you fall sick. Also, there are chances of getting fever, and throat infection in the rainy season.


Dairy products should be avoided in the monsoon season, as the digestive system is sensitive in this season. Dairy products like curd may cause cold and cough.


There is a risk of insects and bacterial infection in the monsoon season and due to this consuming mushrooms very risky and should be avoided.


Seafood must be avoided in monsoon, as it’s a breeding ground.


In monsoon season there are lots of chances of getting an infection due to the humid atmosphere. Juices from fruits that have been cut in advance are not healthy as such food items are breeding grounds for germs. Juices that are freshly prepared in front of you can be consumed, but overall it is advisable to avoid juices in monsoon season.


These drinks should be avoided in monsoon season, as they may weaken your digestive system.

All such foods need to be avoided in the monsoon season as they may lead to health issues.

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