Easy way to cook Paneer Paratha for beginners

Super Easy Instant Paneer Paratha for Beginners

Let’s learn how to make yummy paneer paratha.

2 cups paneer, 3 green chilies,v½ tsp ajwain, 2 tbsp coriander leaves, ½ tsp garam masala, Salt to taste,b1 cup atta, 1 tsp oil, Water as required.

Mix flour, salt, oil (if needed) and water to make soft pliable dough. Let it set as you prepare the stuffing.

Keep paneer immersed in hot water until soft, make sure there is no water, and drain completely. crush it with hand or grind in mixer. Take a bowl, mix crumbled paneer with garam masala, salt, ajwain, green chili, coriander leaves.

Make 6 equal balls. Knead the dough to make it smooth. Now make 6 balls of the dough.

Roll the dough into medium circle and keep the paneer stuffing and pinch all the edges towards the centre.

Flatten the dough with your hands and press make thick parathas.

Heat tawa and put some oil. Cook the parathas on both sides over medium flame. Press gently to ensure even cooking while it’s getting cooked.

Serve hot with dahi and pickle.

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