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Tea Time Snacks for you: Try 'Veg Cutlets' Recipe for Your Tea Time Snack

Tea Time Snacks: Try ‘Veg Cutlets’ Recipe for Your Tea Time Snack

Missing your favourite fast food? No worries, today we are here with an easy, yummy and delicious street-style food, Veg Cutlet for your evening snack.

Veggie mixture patties that are coated in a flour mixture.

Veg Cutlet Recipe-
Ingredients- ½ cup boiled and chopped carrots, 1 cup boiled chopped potatoes, ½ cup fresh steamed or boiled green peas, ½ inch ginger and 1 or 2 green chillies crushed to a paste, ¼ teaspoon red chilli powder, ½ teaspoon cumin powder, ½ teaspoon garam masala powder, 3 tablespoons bread crumbs, 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour, 3 tablespoons water, ⅓ cup bread crumbs or add as required, 2 to 3 tablespoons oil for shallow frying.
Procedure-1. Take all the boiled veggies and chop them.

2. Blitz some slices of bread into the food processor until it turns into bread crumbs.

3. Mash all the veggies.

4. Add the ginger and green chilli paste, ¼ tsp. red chilli powder, ½ tsp. cumin powder, ½ tsp. garam masala powder, 3 tbsp. bread crumbs and salt as required. Mix all the ingredients.

5. Take a bowl, mix 2 tbsp. Maida and 3-4 tbsp. of water. Mix it well; make sure there are no lumps left.

6. Take the culet mixture, and shape it as your wish.

7. Heat some oil in a pan, take the cutlet and dip it in the Maida mixture.

8. Now, coat the cutlet in the bread crumbs.

9. Dust the excess bread crumbs. Repeat the procedure with all the cutlet patties.

10. Fry the cutlet properly until golden brown.

11. Remove it on a kitchen paper towel and remove the excess oil.1

12. Serve with green chutney or tomato ketchup.

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