Street food is something we can never say no to and traveling to a new place one must taste Street food. Know the street food you must eat in London.

Try Out The Best Street Food In London: Everything You Must Eat

Traveling to any place, the must thing to do there is eating the best Street food in the city. And if you are visiting a place like London you should know prior what you should try?

Street Foods of London

1) Burger Boy

It’s very rare to find burgers cooked these days but the Burger Boy is an exception. His cheeseburger pimped up with nuggets, candy bacon, red onion, and lettuce in a bun tastes the best. He has a huge range of other varieties of burgers. One should importantly not miss the Cheese and Candy bacon burger.

2)Taco Dave

Taco Dave is a mouthful of Dave’s melting fresh beef brisket all sticky with pepper and you won’t be able to forget the taste from your taste buds. Also, you can taste cornflakes, fried chicken and a mysterious fizzy drink. Tastes as exact as it sounds.

3) Mike and Ollie

Mike’s freshly made flatbread wraps are brimming with Seasonal taste. The wraps are filled with wild garlic, Coriander, almonds, and other ingredients to make a quick pick. One must give it a shot for your Hunger strike.

4) Jake’s Vegan steak

Going Vegan is in trend and if you want to taste a vegan steak, Jake is just for you. He serves different BBQ with its delicious taste and all the ingredients that include onion, pepper, and topped with cheese and sauce.

You must surely try these street foods and let us know in the comments section below.

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