Get over depression with the following tips

10 Simple Ways Of Tackling Depression

Depression is the most common and critical mental sickness that can affect you negatively. In such issues you feel left out, lonely, you may feel sad and also you go into a depressed mood, you can lose interest in everything, you can lose your weight or gain some weight in such a case. You may have problems with sleep or you may be sleeping too much. You can also get thoughts of death or suicide.

Fortunately, it is treatable. Here are some ways to tackle your depression.

1. Go out for a walk: you can go out for a walk with your friends and family or with your pet. Get some sunlight.

2. Get some sleep: Get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. meditate before you go to bed, do not see your phone or a movie before going to bed.

3. Reach out and stay connected: lookout for people who makes you feel cared and safe. Have face time with your friends and family. Go out for dinner and lunches and talk about your feelings.

4. Take care of your health and eat a healthy diet: Do not skip your meals. Boost your vitamin B. Try eating protein food like chicken, meat, eggs, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

5. Regular Exercise: Do some exercise like swimming, sketching, art, dancing, lifting some weight, walking.

6. Reduce Stress: Do some meditation and practice mindfulness. Watch funny videos and movies.

7. Do not drink too much alcohol and take drugs: Drinking alcohol is not a solution it just hides your emotions and makes you feel good for some time. It can make you even more depressed.

8. Volunteer in any community activities: Try and take some time to get involved with social activities even if you don’t feel like doing it.

9. Take professional help for depression: Talk to some counselors about your feelings. If you’re not comfortable with professionals then talk to your friends.

10. Stay busy: Try to ignore your stress by keeping yourself busy in some households. Or by going out for a walk or by doing some exercise.

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