Here are three daily exercises for bigger legs.

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Nowadays lots of people are health conscious and hitting the gym around five days a week. Fitness is of extreme importance and those who are doing exercises should ensure that overall body exercise should be carried out. It is a normal tendency of a lot of people that visit the gym to focus on the muscles in their upper body. They do only arms, chest, and abs and forget the biggest and important muscle group of their body, that’s the leg. For muscular physique, strong and big legs are Very important. Normally along with leg muscles glutes muscles developed if you do exercise for strong legs. There are lots of exercises available which are effective to develop your bigger legs. Here are the three best exercise daily to get bigger legs.


Place your legs at hip-width. Let the barbell rest on the back of your neck. Then tilt your pelvis, bend your knees while bringing your butt down. Please ensure to keep your back straight and squat as deep as possible so that you get a full workout for your leg muscles. Stretch your legs and come back to normal position. You should ensure that off at least 30 is advisable and repetition also will give better results.


Sit down on the leg press and ensure that your backrest against the backrest. Put your feet against Shoulder width against the footrest. Stretch your legs but not fully. Your knees should always slightly bend. Then lower your legs and bring your butt towards the footrest. Squat as deep as possible and stretch your legs again to come back to starting position. More sets and repetition are important.


In this exercise sit down on the machine with your back against the backrest. Place your feet under the foot support. Use the handles on the side of the seat for extra grip. Bring the weight up by raising legs and pushing the foot support upward. Stretch till better pressure on quadriceps. Then slowly bring down legs to normal position. All this exercise will give you better results and it will help you with bigger legs.

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