Here's how fennel seeds water can help you.

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Fennel seeds are a cooking staple in India, but did you know they have a slew of health benefits? Fennel seeds, also known as saunf, are often used in the creation of a variety of meals to add flavour and scent. Fennel seeds can benefit our health in a variety of ways, aside from providing flavour to our tasty curries and cups of tea. Minerals like potassium, manganese, zinc, iron, and copper are abundant in fennel seeds. Saunf is beneficial to your general health and should be included in your daily diet. Drinking saunf water or saunf tea is a fantastic way to start. Here’s how it helps as reported by Her Zindagi.

1. Digestion

If you have a lot of digestive problems, start drinking fennel seeds water or tea every day. By encouraging the development of stomach enzymes, fennel seeds keep all digestive diseases at bay. It maintains the digestive system’s health. It can also aid with bloating, constipation, and indigestion.

2. Blood pressure

Fennel seeds are high in potassium and are beneficial to your health. They aid in the regulation of your body’s blood pressure. It also aids in the regulation of your body’s heart rate.

3. Eye health

Did you know that saunf water might help you see better? Fennel seeds are high in vitamin A, which is beneficial to your eyes.

4. Blood purifying

Fennel seeds contain essential oils that aid in the removal of toxic pollutants from the body, as well as cleaning the blood. Fennel tea aids in the absorption of nutrients by the body.

5. Menstrual pain 

Drinking fennel seed water or tea can help you avoid pain during your period. It also aids in the management of menopause symptoms. Many women suffer from irregular periods, and fennel seeds can help with these issues as well. Menstruation can be induced by chewing saunf.

6. Cancer

Fennel seeds can genuinely protect your body from malignancies such as stomach cancer, skin cancer, and breast cancer. They eliminate free radicals, which are the primary cause of cancer.

7. Weight loss

Fennel seeds aid in the acceleration of your metabolism. This also aids in weight loss. Fennel tea or water keeps you fuller for longer, preventing you from overeating.

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