In this coronavirus pandemic, breathing exercises for strengthening your lungs became very important and necessary. Taking good care of your lungs should be your priority. As covid 19 is affecting your lungs, lots of precautions like a mask, social distancing as well as lungs exercise will help you in many ways. There are many breathing exercises available for strengthening your lungs. Here we look at few breathing exercises.


This is the best pranayam. It helps in concentration, release tension and regulate body temperature as well as promote lungs function.

* Sit in any comfortable position, eyes closed, spine straight.

* Take two small breathing through the mouth.

* Make a rushing noise while breathing.

* Once you are comfortable with exhaling, constrict the throat while inhaling.

* After comfort zone shut mouth and do breathing with the nose, fill your lungs and exhale.

Kapal Bhati PRANAYAM.

This pranayam is an alternating short explosive exhales, and longer inhale technique. This breathing exercise is best for strengthening of lungs muscle.

* Sit in padmasana position and keep your spine straight parallel.

* Take a deep breath in through your nose and while exhaling pulls naval and abdomen towards the spine.

* Exhale by relaxing naval and abdomen.

* Repeat it 10 times and then make inhale and exhale slowly before full relaxation.


This type of exercise is best for your lung health, stress control and anxiety. Alternate nostril breathing can be performed anywhere and anytime.

* Sit in any comfortable position keeping your spine straight.

* Take a few inhale and exhale to make yourself comfortable and relaxed.

* Rest left hand on your thigh in a meditation pose.

* Fold your middle and index finger of your right hand.

* Closing the right nostril with the help of your thumb, inhale completely through the left nostril and hold for few seconds.

* Do inhaling again from the right nostril and exhaling from the left nostril.

* Repeat many times for better results.