Try these Building Muscles And Strength Exercises At Home With No Equipment

Building Muscles And Strength Exercises To Try At Home With No Equipment

How to gain a muscular body at home? It is one of the most common questions among youngsters and teens. And as this lockdown is extending day by day, we cannot surely visit gyms to get a body.

So here are a few exercises you can do at home without equipment:-

1. Running or Jogging- It is easy to run in comfortable shoes and clothing and open space to run. Beginners can start with walking or jogging as this is advised by the specialists. When you get stronger you can increase your pace and distance. Running helps you to be physically and mentally restorative and is a very basic step towards building muscles fast at home.
2. Push-ups- Push-ups are an effective way to build your muscles and strengthen your upper body. After regular practice you can use an improved form of push-ups by leaning on the wall.
3. Pull-Ups- Pull-ups are considered as one of the best exercises among upper body exercises. After some time of practice you can also go with flat pull ups then go to advance level.
4. Squats- Squats are a really effective way of increasing your muscular body. Squats also strengthen your lower back.

5. Dips- Dips are an efficient way of building a muscular body as you lift your entire body weight.

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