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THESE Can Be Symptoms Of A Weakened Immune System

The immune system is a mechanism in the human body that resists various types of viruses and protects your body. Having a healthy and strong immune system may not always protect you from falling sick. This happens when your immune system gets weakened.

Here are some major symptoms of a weakened immune system:-

1. Long-term Stress- According to the American Psychological Association, stress can be responsible for your immune system weakening. You tend to get sick when you are taking too much stress. Stress decreases the white blood cells in your body that lowers your immunity.

2. You Always Have a Cold- Normally a person catches a cold 3-4 times a year but when you start catching cold 8-10 times a year you need to take signs that indicate a weak immune system. If your body takes 7-8 days to recover from a normal cold you need to build your immune system stronger.

3. Tiredness- You often feel dizzy and tired even after a good enough sleep at night. Your weak immune system impacts your energy level.

4. Slow Healing Process- If you get a wound it takes you normal time to heal when your immune system is weakened.

5. Prone to Infections- You often get infections like Pneumonia, ear infections, chronic sinusitis. There are many other infections you get infected to.

Here are some tips to build your immune system stronger-

1. Get a sufficient amount of sleep.

2. Maintain hygiene.

3. Consume a healthy and balanced diet.

4. Avoid eating junk food.

5. Take immunity boosters.

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