Pratik Choudhary talks of his high levels of fitness and how important it is for him.

Fitness is not a seasonal hobby; it is part of my lifestyle: Pratik Choudhary

Pratik Choudhary who was recently seen in Rapchee app project Becharey is a fitness freak to the core. Being fit is very important for him and he does not mince words when he says that he does all that it takes to maintain high levels of fitness.

Says Pratik, “For me, fitness is a part of life. Being fit is more important than having a great body. Fitness isn’t a seasonal hobby, it is a lifestyle. Working out daily is crucial. It’s a constant in my life. I do it 50percent for my body and 50percent for my mind. It calms me down and I don’t like missing out on my workout regime.”

“Even on the days when I am shooting, I work out 7days a week. When I am shooting, it becomes difficult to work out in the morning. So I go to the gym after the day’s work. My gym is 24/7 open, so sometimes I even go to the gym very late like around 2-3 am in the night. I know it sounds crazy but I can’t go without working out even for a single day.”

My quick tips for all the beginners out there will be, “Don’t get demotivated if you can’t lift heavy weights. Be slow, be steady. Consistency is the key secret. 70 per cent is diet and 30percent is the workout. Drink lots of water. Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.”

Way to go!!


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