Hey!! Look At 3 Easy Face Mask To getting Rid Of Sun Tan

How To Get Rid Of Sun Tan At Home: 3 Easy Face Masks

Everyone is very cautious about their skin, especially facial skin. Sun Tan as well as some other issues like infection may damage your facial skin. It needs to be addressed immediately. Absorbing hours of the summer sun is a reason to make your skin tanned. Tanning is the ill effects and also the ultraviolet rays of the sun in no way good for the skin. There are various remedies available to get rid of Sun Tan at home. Here we look at three easy face masks to get rid of Sun Tan at home.


This is the best option to get rid of Sun Tan. Gram flour or besan is readily available in every household. Even in childhood, we were using it instead of soap. Make a mixture of two tablespoons of besan, one and a half tablespoon of yogurt, and one tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Mix them very well to make a fine paste and apply this on the face and let it dry. After some time wash your face properly with cold water. Reputation will give you good results.


Though saffron is costly, this is a common ingredient in most Ayurvedic brands. Saffron considered being great for removing and having additional benefits like cell repairing properties. To make this face mask, take hot milk and add few strands of saffron and few drops of lime juice. Mix it thoroughly and apply this mixture to the affected area of the face. Leave it for at least ten minutes and wash the face thoroughly with cold water.


Every single skin-related problem can be solved using Aloe Vera. This is used in many cosmetic brands. The benefits of aloe vera gel, as well as juice on the skin and hair, are well known. Take aloe vera gel and add few drops of lime juice. Apply on the affected part where there is suntan, and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water. You don’t need to apply moisture after washing your face as aloe vera gel is great at moisturizing the skin as well.