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Guru Bakshish Singh Sehgal proves his prowess as a multi-talented entrepreneur; know more!

Man with many talents, Guru Bakshish Singh Sehgal is an Indo-Canadian entrepreneur and a director at Nutritionwize, a nutritional service consulting agency along with All in my Genes, an agency that offers genetic tests.

Born in Mumbai, Guru Bakshish Singh Sehgal holds a Bachelor’s Degree from York University and has held numerous Senior Management positions in the Health, Hospitality as well as the Entertainment sector, both in Canada and India.

He owns and manages several businesses in Asia and has worked with a number of Hospital Management Boards internationally seeking ways to deliver better health care to the Indian Population.

With more than 10 years of experience in personal training, Mr. Sehgal has always gone above and beyond in helping others achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Guru Sehgal is a very successful Indo-Canadian entrepreneur with a highly integrated organizational vision. He demonstrates a unique blend of leadership qualities and extraordinary Business acumen a bridge between India and Canada. He has a wide range of experience in business and finance and has been able to expand the company’s portfolio to the international Market.

Guru Bakshish Singh Sehgal is currently a Vice president of New Hope Foundation, Mumbai, a charitable organization with a vision to help the poverty-stricken Indian population in India, giving them hope for the future. He is also a Key investor in Canadian stock list company, Predict Medix.

Apart from being an excellent entrepreneur, Guru Sehgal has also tried his hands in the entertainment sector. He has bagged the titled of Mr. Singh India in 2007. Not just that he has also facilitated many Bollywood performances in Canada and has participated as well in many Fashion shows.

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