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Lemon or Orange: Which Has More Vitamin C?

What comes to your mind first: Lemon or Orange? When you talk about Vitamin C. Both, Lemon and Orange are citrus fruits and belong to the Rutaceae family and the Citrus genus and both hybrids. Due to the sugar content Oranges contain more calories and carbs, while lemons are higher in protein, fats and fibre.

A serving size of Lemon is smaller, equaling 58 grams and an orange’s size is much larger as compared to that of lemon, weighing around 131g. Orange is proved to be a preferable choice for a low fats diet. When compared to oranges, lemon tastes sour. The differences in the taste are decided according to fruit’s acidity. The acidity of lemon is between 5 to 7%, while that of oranges is 1%. The pH values of the fruit differ a lot. The pH of orange falls from 3, 69-4, 34 compared to the pH of lemons is around 2-2,6. The pH of lemon juice also ranges between the same pH levels of lemon, and hence the lemons are more acidic than oranges.

Oranges are fully packed with Vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B5. Lemon contains only 1 vitamin, that is, vitamin B6. Vitamin C is one of the important components of both the fruits. Both, Lemon and Orange almost have the same amount of Vitamin C; the content of oranges is just slightly higher. The zest of both the fruits contains more Vitamin C. As compared to orange, raw lemon juice contains a higher amount of vitamin C.

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