Pranit Shilimkar will inspire you to stay fit during the lockdown

Meet Pranit Shilimkar and his staunch take on fitness with finesse

Sometimes we are tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths. With the outbreak of  COVID-19, we are experiencing a radical change in the lifestyle and the escalating pandemic is a breeding ground to the further health crisis. When fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and stirs strong emotions in people, now’s a great time to subsume fitness into your daily routine. Fitness workout has obvious body benefits, but, more than acting pivotal for a healthy body, it is also an absolute must for a healthy mind and emotional wellbeing. By breaking sweat, one can also improve mood, combats depression, and aid cognitive abilities.

Transformation guru and the founder of Fitness Talks, Pranit Shilimkar takes fitness experience to great heights, lockdown fails to act as a barrier in promoting a healthy lifestyle and transforming people’s lives – right from online consultation in this need of hour to guided routines, Pranit’s adamant approach can take us where we want to be. He is an inspirational force to many and have transformed nearly 2500 lives in a span of one year only! Also famed as a sought-after celebrity trainer and sports nutritionist, Pranit opines, “These days people take fitness routines as a fad rather than a journey. Many people look out for shortcuts and often end up asking to achieve the desired body to validate themselves on public platforms and events. Fitness is education, needs to be incorporated, and requires ardent practice.”

Our body can stand almost anything, it’s our mind that we have to conquer – the world is facing laziness as the new normal, closing of gym emerges as a perfect excuse amongst many for not following a fitness routine. But, all we have is now and there is absolutely no substitute for self-care and exercise – we need it more than ever.

In the tete-a-tete, celebrated B-town fitness coach also suggests us to follow a well-nourished diet to keep immunity levels high and not eliminate a nutrient from our diet without understanding its impact. Home workouts are a great substitute for our gym sessions and Fitness talks drive home the importance of health and fitness by curating and consulting lockdown exercises to keep people fit and sane.

IN THE WORDS OF ANKUSH – The fine and dandy health of the millennial star Ankush Bahuguna, a desk writer, content creator and known widely for his sketchy comedies is wholly administered by Pranit. Bahuguna shares, “I never thought that I would be making my fitness journey video, but here I am because 37 days challenge with Pranit has been extremely rewarding. He is an amazing guide to my physique, I never skipped workout even for a day, in the first 7 days I observed changes. A fit body is what everyone requires – increase in stamina, endurance, strength makes you feel confident and strong. Had it not been for Pranit, my Lockdown would be stuffed with zero discipline.”

SHIBANI BEDI’s SAVIOUR – Our love for fitness gets even more interesting when the famous iDiva star Shibani Bedi opines,”I have been trained by Pranit for a good period of time, even though I have a very problematic body and tough metabolic structure, I managed to shed a few kilos off. But beyond weighing scale, the diet models and Pranit’s extensive guidance helped me feel fitter and confident. I have also noticed great flexibility and stamina forming up, can do the exercises better that I used to skip out of inability. Initially, I was skeptical about undergoing video trainings, but the way he targets and observes you is impeccable. Go ahead, pull up your socks for the 37 days challenge and I can guarantee you that results are excellent and promising. Pranit is a dedicated and very hard-working trainer one could possibly ask for!”

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