Mohit Jain is fit and fabulous

Mohit Jain opens up about his passion for fitness and his journey as a ‘Fitpreneur’

Mohit Jain, at the age of only 26 years, is a jack of all trades. Mohit belongs to a typical Jain family from a city called Aurangabad. Post his MBA in marketing, Mohit has mastered his skills as an expert in social media marketing and is the founder of Starbuzz Digimark.

Mohit is also very passionate about fitness. He is also quite popularly known as ‘Fitpreneur Mohit’. One of his many goals is to be able to help and encourage fitpreneurs or fitness influencers like himself to live up to their full potential and lead healthier lifestyles.

Talking about his inspiration and journey, Mohit shared, “I was 4 years old, my dad would take me to the gym, and I would sit on his back while he would do Hindu Pushups. Later, when I was 14 years old, my dad took the responsibility to keep me fit because I would fall sick often back then. Every morning around 5, we would go out for a run, and at some park, dad would make me do 100 pushups, 100 squats, and 100 Surya-namaskar daily.”

“After I did my 12th, I started going to the gym. It happened like that, in 11th and 12th, I was a person who fell into depression and had a lot of frustration because I couldn’t match the caliber level of my classmates in studies and other activities too. Due to which, I was often looked down on, not invited to parties, not involved in any group funs, and had only one or two friends. This frustration made me think that in a few years, I would make myself worthy and a source of inspiration to others.”

He further added, “After completing my 12th, I joined the gym and been working out since then. I would eat only paneer for years as a source of protein since I come from a Jain family; I was a pure vegetarian. Today to some extent, I inspire people towards fitness and make them believe that yes, even if you are a vegetarian, you can still have a good physique for yourself. Recently I have written a small book ‘Now stay fit on vegetarian Diet’ for the people who are vegetarian and don’t want to spend loads of money on dieticians and trainers and still want to lose weight or gain weight, helping them achieve their physique goals.”

Mohit Jain is determined to help fitpreneurs like himself and is someone who is absolutely to watch out for!

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