All kinds of ulcers are common among all of us. Oral ulcers usually occur in the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. These ulcers are round or oval and are very painful. Ulcers are normally white, red, yellow, or gray and normally swollen around age. There are various reasons for ulcers like trauma, spicy food, acidity, vitamin deficiency, tooth filling, or vigorous brushing. It takes some time to heal and there are various home remedies you can try for better results. Here we look at some home remedies, you must try.

** Alum is a household item, which you can use for mouth ulcer problems. Alum is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which helps treat mouth ulcers. Just dissolve a pinch of alum in water and gargle for a few minutes and rinse your mouth after gargling.

** Honey is also good for your mouth ulcer problem, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to keep the surface soft and hydrated. Just simply apply honey over the affected area.

** Boil Mulethi sticks in water and after cooling, add honey for taste and have it. Mouth ulcer problems due to the stomach and digestive issues can be cured by this Mulethi mixture.

** Baking soda mixture, as well as saltwater mixture gargle, is very helpful for reducing mouth ulcer problems. Just add baking soda or salt in the water, mix it well and gargle thoroughly with this mixture by ensuring that you don’t swallow this mixture.

Those were a few home remedies for mouth ulcer problems, you must try.