COVID-19 myth busters from Nawaz Modi Singhania

Nawaz Modi Singhania from Body Art Fitness Centres is Busting Common Exercise Myths During this COVID Lockdown

Nawaz Modi Singhania is the founder of Body Art Fitness Centres, a chain of gyms in South Mumbai. Since 1992, Body Art has dominated the position of one of the best gyms in South Mumbai with its sea-facing centre on Marine Drive & in the heart of town at Hughes Road. Also regarded as one of the best gyms in North Mumbai, Body Art has two centres at Upper Juhu Circle & at Thane which were subsequently added on. Aside from the basic gym offering, Body Art has a wide variety of fitness services available which is their USP & how they set themselves apart from the rest as the best gym in Mumbai. Top of mind these days for everyone is building a strong immune system to keep us well protected during these uncertain COVID times.

Nawaz Modi Singhania from Body Art Fitness Centres is Busting Common Exercise Myths During this COVID Lockdown 1

[Nawaz Modi Singhania in a Zumba Dance Class at Body Art]

Regular physical exercise strengthens immunity and aids the body in fighting off infections and viruses. For this to happen you need to get in at least 30 minutes of physical exercise, thrice a week, on alternating days. This should include cardiovascular exercise, e.g. walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, etc. Low to moderate levels of intensity will give you the best results. There are various myths associated with exercise & building immunity, that are most important to clear up here & now.
Myth #1: If I drop my weight and inches fast, it will boost up my immune system
Fact – Dropping a lot of weight & inches in a hurry will usually involve a very restrictive diet and excessive amounts of exercise. In this tendency of overdoing things, the immune system can actually weaken as a result of lack of proper nutrition and due to the additional stress on the body. It is true that excess body weight can contribute to a depressed immune system, however, an attempt to lose weight must be done in a sensible, realistic fashion, yet ensuring proper nutrition and a balanced exercise program, to gradually lose weight and inches in a gradual & healthful way.
Myth #2: To boost my immune system fast, I must now begin exercising and doing so intensely
Fact – Exercise must be gradually taken on in a moderate fashion to allow for the body to adapt to the demands of exercise and to cope well, in order to have a beneficial impact on the immune system. Sudden and intense exercise can actually cause stress to the body, and the risks of overtraining can in fact weaken the immune system. So it is important to introduce exercise gradually into your routine, allowing for adaptation, before one is ready for the overload and to take it to the next level of more intense training.

Nawaz Modi Singhania from Body Art Fitness Centres is Busting Common Exercise Myths During this COVID Lockdown

[Nawaz Modi Singhania: Cycling at a Body Art Fitness Centre]
Myth #3: I’m doing all the housework during these COVID days so that’s enough exercise to boost up my immune system
Fact – This isn’t so. You need at least 30 minutes of continuous cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week to improve your immune system. Cardiovascular activities could include walking, cycling, rope jumping, dancing,  etc. In fact just doing the household work can cause backaches, neck aches, knee problems, etc. which can actually be reversed through proper exercise.
Myth #4: I can’t exercise while in Covid lockdown at home because I don’t have any exercise equipment or small accessories that I would need
Fact – This is not true. Where there is a will, there is a way. Use household furniture!- these are very valuable pieces of exercise equipment! Small bottles of water can replace light dumbbells. A knotted up Dupatta, scarf or shawl can replace a Theraband or resistance band. A towel can replace a floor mat. Even just a wall is a very important and powerful piece of exercise equipment. Your own bodyweight makes for fabulous resistance for exercise – squats, planks, lunges, push-ups, etc being some great examples of the same where very many muscle groups are targeted simultaneously in a single exercise. Power yoga adds a great cardio component too.

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