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Want to know the secrets of onion tea? Read to know more.

Onion tea benefits: What are they?

When it comes to health, we never take a risk. There are various types of teas that actually help in keeping your body healthy. The regular tea gives us freshness and energy, while the green tea has its own lots of benefits like weight loss, increases metabolism, fights cold and coughs. Have you ever heard about the onion tea? Well, if not today let’s know about its benefits.

Onion is an excellent source to boost your immunity. Onions are vital in immunity boosting elements like Vitamin C, antioxidants, magnesium, iron and zinc. The onion juice helps you fight against cold and cough and also helps in dealing with hypertension. Many people recommend drinking a cup of onion tea regularly in the morning. The onion tea has got many benefits. Some of its benefits are listed down-

1. The onion tea helps in clearing blocked nasal passages.

2. It helps in reducing fever.

3. Onion tea soothes the pain of coughing due to congestion.

4. Drinking onion tea helps reduce bad cholesterol.

5. Onion tea keeps your blood sugar level under control.

6. It keeps your digestive system healthy.

7. Drinking onion tea is proved to be quite helpful for hypertensive patients.

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