Look At Problems Due To Excessive Eating Of Pistachios.

Nuts are healthy and considered to be best for your overall health as they are very high in nutrients. But one thing you have to keep in mind that nuts should be consumed in a limited quantity. Pistachios are also great for your health due to their nutrient value. However, pistachios can’t be consumed in excess quantity, as it may lead to various health issues and many other side effects as well. Here we look at problems caused due to regularly eating pistachios in excess quantity.

It may lead to weight gain, as it contains high calories. If you consume more calories through more pistachios and are unable to burn them, then it will surely lead to weight gain. Also, Pistachios have a good amount of fibers. An excess amount of fiber is not good for health, as it may lead to bowel syndrome, stomach cramps, and stomach pain. Thus, it is advisable to consume moderate pistachios.

There is a risk of salmonella infection, especially among children and elders who are having weak immunity. Roasting pistachios gets rid of salmonella but in the roasting process, acrylamides generate which is known to elevate the growth of cancer-causing cells in the human body.

It will give digestion-related problems if pistachios are consumed in excess at one go. Most of the pistachios are roasted and they contain salt which may lead to blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

High manganese is bad for health, especially for pregnant and lactating mothers. Pistachios are high in manganese and if you consume more pistachios it can lead to headaches, leg cramps, and neurological conditions. Also, there are chances of gastrointestinal as well as kidney problems if pistachios are consumed in excess quantity. So eat pistachios in moderation.

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