Here are 4 ways on how to stop being taken for granted in a relationship

4 ways on how to stop being taken for granted in a relationship

Any relationship is a two-person thing to do. Relationships never work with single-person effort. Relationships nowadays are becoming very casual and easily breakable owing to our fast-moving lifestyle and huge media influence. One normal issue in a long term relationship is taken for the granted issue and forgetting the value of the person.

Here are 4 ways on how to stop being taken for granted in any relationship. Sometimes, we incline to infuse way too much in a relationship and adjust to circumstances and people more than what is required. We start positioning our partner’s needs before our own and after one aspect of time, anything we do becomes a thankless job.

1) Once you have additional clarity about your own feelings and what can be done to amend the circumstance, it’s the time to have a candid yet crucial conversation with your partner. Start with explaining how you feel been taken for granted and how it is impacting the relationship. Probably, your partner would appreciate you and your needs better when you clarify it. Know that you don’t play any blame game and see how both of you can encourage together to find a solution.

2) Before implying a finger at your partner’s behaviour, analyze on your own behaviour. Do you ever say thank you whenever your partner goes an additional mile to support or comfort you? When was the previous time you take out a few minutes to appreciate him/her for something they did? It is always wiser to lead by instance and anticipate only those things which we believe we would have done for them.

3) Remember, happiness comes from within. Yes, you need to be a loyal and caring partner but that does not mean you start avoiding your own personal needs. Maintain a social circle, Focus on your career, take your me-time every day and do all the stuff that makes you happy. The intention is to become a more comfortable and happy version of yourself.

4) This may sound a bit selfish but it is okay to say ‘no’ to your partner sometimes. Not an issue of how attached you are as a lover, you do not have to say ‘yes’ to anything and every time. You do not have to go the excess mile always to take care or help of the person you are in love with. In fact, saying ‘no’ for the good reasons would make your partner reexamine his own behaviour and reflect on it.

These are the 4 ways that can help make your relationship better.

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