The joy of learning you’re expecting a child, whether it’s your first or fifth, is difficult to hide. Instead of telling your husband or partner right away, try one of these cute, unique, and enjoyable methods to notify them you’re expecting. Here are a few suggestions to help you come up with a unique approach to telling them they’ll be a parent.

1. Although announcements are wonderful, there are times when you want to make your partner work for it. Send them on a scavenger hunt that culminates in a positive pregnancy test.

2. Purchase a book of “Dad Jokes” for your husband and inform him that he only has a few months to practice telling them.

3. Flowers in large, elegant bouquets aren’t just for the ladies. A bouquet is something that both men and women like receiving. If that describes your guy, how about a colorful vase with a heartbeat note letting them know the good news?

4. Tell your partner you’re expecting by writing the news on a huge cookie or cake — and then dig in – after all, you’re dining for two.

5. Make an announcement note for your husband that shows how large your baby is already.

Whatever method you use to announce your joy, don’t stress too much about props and details; it doesn’t have to be picture-perfect. Be prepared for the unexpected: your partner may take a while to realize what’s going on, or his initial reactions may differ from what you expected. Glitches are bound to happen, as they do with all-important, meticulously planned events, but if they do, remember that this will be a fantastic narrative in a few years.