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5 Qualities Of An Unhealthy Relationship

The relationship is not only about love. There are other things vital in making your bond strong. People sometimes make haste while getting into a relationship and later complain about the unhealthy relationship. When it comes to relationship trust is important just as much as love.

If there is no respect for each other in a relationship it won’t last for more time. We are too early in judging the relationship and when a problem arises we are not able to accept them. An unhealthy relationship can even hurt one mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

Today let us take a look at some signs of an unhealthy relationship-

1. Priorities change- You never turn to each other for emotional support. You start looking for other people first.

2. Control- Your partner tries to take control over you.

3. Respect- There is no respect for each other. Even when you say “no”, your partner doesn’t respect your answer.

4. Doubts- You find it hard to believe each other.

5. Sense of security- You don’t feel the sense of security. You may have even broken up a number of times.

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