Know these 5 Things That Make A Relationship Work

5 Things That Make A Relationship Work

Relationships, indeed a common thing in today’s world. But, is it really true that only love enough to make a relationship work? Everyone deserves to be in a good, loving, and healthy relationship.

You can only attain a healthy relationship if you have the right person by your side and know these 5 essential things that make a relationship work-

1. Communication- Communication is the key to happiness. You need to have good communication with your partner. It’s important for the two to be able to talk about what you want and expect from your relationship right from the initial day of the relationship. This also refers to being honest and comfortable with your communication. A relationship should have well-balanced communication from both sides.

2. Respect- Without respect, there is no relationship. Not just with physical gestures but also with choices and communication. In a healthy relationship, both should have mutual respect. Another important aspect is establishing respect while considering each others’ privacy and boundaries.

3. Boundaries- Everyone of us has our personal boundaries that make us feel good, safe, and comfortable. Remember that you should never feel nervous about setting personal boundaries. If you find your partner using the boundaries to get control over that is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

4. Trust- Trust is a big one. In any relationship, if there is no trust then the relationship is baseless, as trust is the foundation or base of a relationship. Trust issues can be fro your past experiences or from what you have seen happening to your known ones, but that doesn’t mean everyone is the same. Remember that it takes time to build trust in a relationship and if your partner truly trusts you with their feelings than never betray their trust. Cheating on your partner or making them feel jealous is not really right.

5. Support- Supporting your partner is a good sign of a healthy relationship. Sometimes what your partner needs from your support at every point.

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