Couples counseling is a thing of the past. Going on a double date, according to a study published by Science Daily, is one of the quickest methods to enhance your relationship. It’s been argued that one of the first characteristics of love to evaporate is passion. We may rekindle that not-so-eternal spark by widening our social horizons.

Two studies of over 150 couples employed what is known as the “Fast Friends” exercise, which is essentially a 45-minute approach to getting to know someone beyond their favorite cuisine and color as proof positive. The researchers found that the more complicated the topic or job (e.g., personal problem guidance), the stronger the link between strangers and friends. “When on a double date, the more affirming and sympathetic the other couple is to your self-disclosures, the more passionate you feel about your own relationship,” says the author.

Then there’s the added pressure of the wedding bells. Whether you’re married or dating, how you regard your partner in terms of commitment may have a significant impact on your health. As corny as it may sound, the more support you receive from your spouse (and vice versa), the more likely you are to have a healthy mind, body, and soul connection. While we’d like to believe that every couple has this goal in mind, it’s always good to be reminded.