Tips For How To Balance Relationship And Studies?

How To Balance Relationship And Studies?

Almost everyone is in a relationship during their college years, though all the relationships don’t last. Whether it be exams or assignments you always need someone to spend time with, and that someone is none other than your partner. But it becomes difficult to maintain your relationship and studies on track at the same time. Many of the relationships are over as they are not able to manage love and studies at the same time.

Here are some amazing tips that will help you maintain your relationship and studies on track:-
1. Create a schedule- Creating a fair schedule is a foremost thing you can do. You are already known to your class time make a timetable on your phone and follow it strictly. Tell your partner about the time-table, they will surely co-ordinate with you. This will help you plan your dates or outings on a weekly basis.
2. Spend quality time- When you and your partner are together, make sure you both spend a good time together. Enjoy each other’s company and don’t spend time in a stupid fight with each other.
3. Combined studies- If the two of you are studying in the same class or course, you two can study together. You can even visit a library and read there together.
4. Don’t procrastinate- Don’t delay your assignment, study time as this will lead to piling up of more work to do.
5. Limit your phone usage- We all are known how distracting mobile is. Switch off your phone during study time.
6. Prioritize- There will be sometimes when your partner needs your support and so does your study, in this case, give a patient ear to your partner, give them your emotional support, attention, and once he/she is settled go back to your studies. Even during study time, inform your partner about the time-table and ask them to not disturb during study hours.

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