Avoid domestic abuse with these tips

Are you a domestic violence victim? Tips to protect yourselves from abusers

Everyone has the right to live in safety, free from abuses and neglect. Anyone can be at risk of abuse. Sometimes the person at risk may be care workers. There are different types of abuses like financial, physical, psychological, organizational, sexual, neglect, self – neglect.

Sexual abuse or physical abuse may directly put a negative impact on one’s mind, which makes a person mentally disturbed. Sexual abuse is touching or looking at a person inappropriately, assaulting, you or making you undress.

If any person is experiencing any form of abuse, it’s important to speak out to stop the abuse. Many councils have their dedicated and specially trained team of people for reporting the concerns about abuse. You can also contact your local council’s adult social care team.

If you’ve been experiencing domestic violence, you can get support from National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline. Seek support in stressful times, you can find peace by talking to the people who support you.

How to protect yourselves:

1.Be in touch with your friends & neighbours if you can. The more you stay in contact with people is better.

2.Go for regular check-ups.

3.If there’s a problem with your care services, tell your agency, or council if they arranged the council.

4. Don’t give anyone your PIN or Passwords.

5. Keep records and check your statement.

How to protect your children from abuse:

1.Try to understand your children.

2.Keep your children healthy.

3.Watch your words.

4.Control your words before disciplining a child.

5.Make your home a violence-free zone.

6.Teach your children’s body boundaries.

If you or anyone else around you is experiencing domestic violence seek help to save yourselves or the victim as this can be helpful for others who don’t speak against violence or abuse due to fear.

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