Do this in a long-distance relationship!

Long-distance relationships have different rules and expectations than those between couples who live close to one other. If you’re in one, you might wonder things like “should we talk to each other’s families?” “What should we do for each other’s birthdays?” and “how often should people in an LDR even talk?” But the fact is that there are no rules, whether your relationship is long-distance or not. There is no correct or incorrect commonness for communicating with your long-distance relationship. What matters most is how you individually feel about your conversation.

Communication is critical in assisting them in maintaining their health.
The best frequency for you to converse on is whichever frequency you and your partner can agree on. Have a discussion with your partner to see whether you and your partner are on the same page about how often you should chat. Then, as your relationship evolves, have additional chats about it to evaluate whether it’s still working for you. If you want to communicate with your spouse more or less, reach out to them.
Even if you don’t hear each other’s voices for lengthy periods of time, texting and emails can help. Sending periodic thinking-of-you texts, according to Spira, is a good way to let your spouse know you’re still with them in spirit, if not physically. “Due to various time zones or job responsibilities, there may be instances when a call isn’t possible,” she notes. “If that’s the case, start sending good morning texts to your significant other and conclude with a ‘sweet dreams’ text when it’s time to say goodbye.”

When you know your time apart is coming to an end, long-distance relationships feel more real. As a result, Spira recommends making plans to see each other as soon as possible. Knowing that you’ll see one other again soon will help you get through your separation, and the thrill of preparing for your reunion will give you something to speak about.

“feeling connected to your spouse is important to the success of your relationship.” “I feel that hearing someone’s voice is the greatest way to stay connected.” After all, your voice has the ability to transmit more than words on paper. Make sure you’re communicating in ways other than writing at least once a week.

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