Check out this fun and exclusive conversation on lifestyle and love with anchor Sayanti Banerjee

I feel Jab We Met is cute and candid – Anchor Sayanti Banerjee

Sayanti Banerjee is one of the most talented professional anchors and emcees in the entertainment space. Regarding herself and her professional career, she has interesting things to mention. She says,

“Holding the attention of an audience is an art and I feel blessed to be able to do so every time I hold the microphone. I feel unless I am happy myself I cannot make anyone else happy out there. That is where self love takes centre stage.My life in this city of dreams has been quite filmy so far. I was a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Journalist earlier. Now I am a Professional Anchor, Emcee and TV Showhost based in Mumbai. Here’s looking forward to more happy experiences while entertaining my audience across all age groups. Read our fun and exciting conversation on her love and relationship choices below –

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Attraction for sure happens at first sight for anything else to follow. Love definitely takes loads of time to realise if it’s worth my time.

How should your dream date look like?

Long list and keeps changing. But overall good features, good hair and interesting personality are constant in my check list.

Your favourite romantic movie?

I love Bollywood rom com type of love. Not too emotional but fun. I feel Jab We Met is cute and candid and close to my style of fun romance.

What is your dream date destination?

Around the world. Paris or Vegas is worth dreaming about for a filmy date.

One thing that impresses you the most about a man?

Two things actually, beyond good looks, what impresses me are sense of humour and an interesting personality. I get bored very easily. So if the person only looks good, it might not impress me eventually.

Favourite features in a man that attracts you the most?

Good eyes and good hair combination works for me always.

Which actor would you like to go on a date with?

I love Shah Rukh Khan forever & ever & ever.

What does love mean to you?

By 2023 love as in romantic love for me needs to be a source of happiness and not stress. Cannot deal with ‘it’s complicated’ anymore.

Who is the perfect example of couple goals in Bollywood (real life)?

I think Genelia D’Suza and Ritesh Deshmukh seem to have an effortless romance going on. As a happy couple, they look beautiful and very believable and realistic over the years.

Beauty or brain: The criteria you want in your partner?

Brains to balance the Beauty part which I can add myself.