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In Relationships, Can Opposites Attract To Stay Together?

Yes, opposites can attract! Generally, people are attracted to those who complement some of their qualities and aspects. There is a number of studies done to see whether can opposites attracted really stay together. Every study concluded with different answers. Out of them, one study suggested that opposites attract in some way, but not in other ways. Simply saying, opposites are only attracted to each other only under some conditions.

While another study concluded with, people tend to partner up with those who have similar education or qualification level. According to researchers, it has also been revealed that a satisfied couple needs to have some common characteristics like agreeableness and emotional stability.

Here are some tips for you that will help you and your partner who is the opposite deal with the differences:-
1. Don’t give up the things you love like interests or hobbies.2. Support each other’s passions and desires.
3. Don’t put aside indignation that can destroy a relationship.
4. Improvise your communication with each other. Share all your goods and bads.
5. Try avoiding the Blame-Game.

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