Here are simple Vastu tips for a Happy Family

Simple Vastu Tips For Happy Family

If you are a believer of Vastu and believe that to bring happiness and peace in your house and family the only way is Vastu. Don’t be worried, mainly Vastu is based on scientific principles that work to create a balance between five elements of nature they are earth, water, fire, wind, space.This can be achieved by just knowing the right direction. Here are some simple Vastu changes that can help you to bring harmony and peace in your house. Even if you’re not a believer you can try and see it for once.

1. Decorate your entrance wall with a monument of a god or a painting. The empty wall represents loneliness.
2. Place a family photograph in the Southwest direction, and in a yellow or Golden frame for healthy family relations. Or else you can place a painting or a picture of sunflower for a healthy family bond.
3. For meditation or to pray the best direction is Northeast.
4. In the east direction place a rising sun painting or a picture for healthy social relations.
5. In your house, the number of your doors should be even.
6. For improvement in your children’s studies keep the study table in the east direction.
7. The wife should sleep on the left side of the husband for a healthy marital relationship.
8. Always avoid dark colours in your bedroom, and do not keep your bedroom in dark.
9. In the kitchen Always keep the distance between the gas and the sink.
10. The kitchen should be placed in the South-East direction.
11. Place your plants in the east direction for healthy relations.

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