Tips to make your date special at home

Want to make your date special at home? Take tips

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, people are confined to stay at home.

Couples are unable to go for a date night. Here are some great ideas for your special date at home. Try one of these fun, new dating adventures once a week:-

1. Play a game: A little friendly competition can actually draw the two of you closer.

2. Make dinner together: Light some candles, turn on some mood music, try your hand at a fancy new dish.

3. Share memories: Queue up some of your childhood favourites, to share a piece of each other’s history.

4. Watch a movie: We have a lot of movies to watch these days, select some and add to the queue.

5. Read a romance novel: Pick up a romantic novel that suits your style and take turns to read it.

6. Bake a sweet treat: Make an especially delicious dessert when you’re feeling ambitious.

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