Priyank R.D Soni the young and talented entrepreneur, got into a candid conversation with and revealed more about his brand. Read on:

A Rare Touch is a brand where I make sure people have options in their own designs: Priyank K Soni 835717

Priyank R.D Soni , the young and talented entrepreneur, got into a candid conversation with and revealed more about his brand. Read on:

As an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, what inspired you to start a brand that signifies ‘drip’ as a fashion statement? Can you tell us about the journey that led to the establishment of ‘A Rare Touch’?

Entrepreneur is a very big word for me at 19, as that is a peek point for every teenage guy to choose their career. I never thought I would do something in my own way as it’s a very hard decision. Having my father as my guardian, I could choose his career too. Else was doing a job that was 9 to 5, working like a robot. But I was very passionate about something of my own where I could make people happy. A Rare Touch’ is just a brand for everyone, but it’s my passion and dream that I showcase in my work.

It started when I had no budget when I was studying in college and had no idea what to do or how to start the journey, I started with my old shoe of white pair, which was from NYC in 2018, and it was a disaster. So I left the idea of continuing it. Later in 2019 mid of lockdown, I again started thinking of executing the idea. So again, I started with my old sneakers of Adidas; the result was unbelievable to me. After that, I got more into it and started studying and exploring more about how to create art. In the journey of learning it, I experienced a lot of ups and downs. After a month, with all the knowledge, I finally started my brand with the name “CUSTOMISERIND”. Later it was named as ‘A RARE TOUCH’.

Designing custom designs requires a unique creative vision. How do you consistently develop innovative and distinctive ideas for your drip designs? How do you ensure your designs stand out in a highly competitive market? (If we can mention brands like Bewakoof, Urban Monkey others)

My surroundings inspire me, and my vision of creativity gets extended to a level where everything becomes more realistic. My designs stand out more from other brands as they present what they feel like presenting in the market, but on the other hand, I present as the clients want it in my touch. The products I customize are a rare touch for everyone. The market where I am is a very competitive area. I try to make the best of my last design and make the creativity level that high with my clients’ demands. To date, I have customized all different types of sneakers where the design is truly connected with my clients, so by that, every product is unique. Connecting with my clients becomes a process for creating art as it helps me to establish the best possible way to achieve my vision.

‘A Rare Touch’ aims as a brand that offers customization services. How do you manage to maintain a balance between the individuality of each customer’s request and your brand’s unique identity?
How do you ensure that the final product reflects both the customer’s desires and the brand’s aesthetic?

Balancing both wants is the bigger challenge for me. Here’s a small process, I ask my clients their wants which helps me to get their perspective on the design. Later on, I design the product sample pieces digitally with my own vision. The products I design are customized; the meaning of it for me is rare as it should not be seen anywhere else. My brand’s aesthetic is very different from everything; it’s like nature that blends in every aspect of life.

Starting and running a business can be challenging. What were some of the major obstacles you faced in establishing ‘A Rare Touch’ as a prominent brand in the industry? How did you overcome those challenges, and what lessons did you learn from them?

The major obstacle for me was to get accepted. We live in such society that it’s very hard for people to be like-minded. I was getting pushed down in every situation as a society didn’t accept my art. They felt it was a small pity thing to do where it won’t be valued much. People always dragged me toward negative perceptions, and I was always on the edge of quitting it. Every person who hasn’t supported me has put a negative comment that it’s a small job and won’t make a living out of it; I used that as my reverse psychology. I have always been supported by my family & friends, which helped me mentally a lot to stay calm and help to achieve my goal. The lesson that I have always learned is that there is no small job for an artist because ‘the talent we got is given by god ‘ as the acceptance and non-acceptance is done by humans, not god.

A Rare Touch is a brand where I make sure people have options in their own designs: Priyank K Soni 835714

In the world of fashion, trends change rapidly. How do you stay ahead of the curve and continuously innovate to keep your designs fresh and appealing to your target audience? How do you predict and adapt to emerging fashion trends?

As I had previously mentioned, my brand is like nature. It gets blends with everything. I make sure to be on trend, trying different aspects people are crazy about. Being on trend isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible too. Creating trending things is also like a challenge because that’s something that is not usually created; it’s always new and different. I also get inspired by my parents mainly. For lunch, my mother used to pack roti & sabji. But I never liked it, so I told her to give me pizza. She made it healthy for me and turned around the paratha into pizza paratha, where she made sure of my want and hers too at the same point.

The fashion industry has become increasingly conscious of sustainability and ethical practices. How does ‘A Rare Touch’ incorporate sustainability into its business model? Have you implemented any initiatives or strategies to ensure responsible production and reduce the brand’s environmental impact?

A Rare Touch is a brand where I make sure people have options in their designs, too, where it’s more sustainable and easier. One of the reasons I am not making my website is that I like to connect with my clients for their personal touch.

Collaboration and partnerships have reached heights and can often lead to exciting opportunities. Have you collaborated with any notable artists, influencers, or brands to create unique designs or expand your brand’s reach? How do you select and approach potential collaborations, and how have they contributed to the growth of ‘A Rare Touch’?

Collaborating with the actors and brands is like a new trend of promotion rather than just promoting our brands individually. So yes, I have collaborated with celebrities like Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber, Tamanna Bhatt, and Meezaan Jaffrey for their movies too. And brands like Boat are also there in the list.
This all helps me expand my portfolio and makes it easier to get more people interested in my work. Collaborating with such brands also helps me to give myself a big provocation about creating a good quality product as all the brands have their different ways in demand for art. Lastly, A Rare Touch is my dream that will conquer all the obstacles on the road and will be on the winning path very soon.

A Rare Touch is a brand where I make sure people have options in their own designs: Priyank K Soni 835715

A Rare Touch is a brand where I make sure people have options in their own designs: Priyank K Soni 835716

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