While we claim to be a part of a country that is progressive and excelling towards development, it is still quite evident that most women are taken for granted not only in rural but also in the urban parts of our country. It is still perceived that women are weak compared to men, not only physically but also mentally and thus leading to them being treated as a liability more than an asset. Right from getting jobs or managerial roles in corporations, women are always second-guessed and have to prove themselves far more than their male counterparts.

When asked Veera Mahajan, Women’s rights activist and the best-selling author of ‘Domestic abuse, an UNREPORTED crime’ about what her take is on the matter she acclaimed, “Being a woman has never been easy, as the expectations set on women
are unrealistic. When a woman decides to work she is expected to balance both her personal and professional life while men are expected to just concentrate on their professional life while their wives are expected to take care of the rest. Even living in this 21st century, there are always a few prejudices that pops in our heads when we see women do things that are completely alright when men do it, like working a night shift, being a provider of the family, and taking initiative and command over a task.”

She further added saying “ While we are living in a progressive country where the majority of people are educated, domestic abuse is something that still exists as even today men consider women as their property and expect them to behave and live in a certain way. It’s no longer a phenomenon in rural India, as with awareness the situation has become much better there compared to the non-reported domestic violence that occurs in cities. It’s time that women should start raising their voice and fight for their rights and equality of women as in an independent country.

Women will be free when they too have complete rights like men. When they will no longer live as they are told but as they dream their lives to be.
Women will be free when they are not afraid to be hurt or demoralized for having a dream.

Veera says, “I await to celebrate the freedom of Women of India! Women need to believe in their freedom and stand up to exercise their freedom. Men in their lives were freed from British rule 75 years ago, in August 15th, 1947. Now it is about time that women must claim their freedom in their homes, workplaces and society.”