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How did Kai Schoene, a young German entrepreneur, climb his way to the top in Swiss Men Celebrities?

The strong positive image of entrepreneurship is at an all-time high, especially among the millennials and generation Z. Now more than ever young entrepreneurs have revolutionized almost all the business markets in the world. Gone are the day where graduates used to rush behind the corporate culture jobs. No doubt that track is still widely practiced but those who decide to leave that stream, are the ones who associate their names with novelty and innovation. Likewise, one such name is of Kai Schoene. You might have heard his name among the leading graphic designers of this time. Let’s uncover his story to get to know how he made his way among the Swiss Men’s Award Winners.

Kai Schoene was born in Bremen, Germany. After extensive learning and training in graphic and web designing, he took the start of his career from an advertising agency. In recognition of his outstanding performance, he was soon upgraded to the position of senior art director. As a safe option, he could have worked there and get promoted to further higher positions. Things were going good enough for him to luxuriate. However, he opted the less travelled path. He thought of taking a challenging risk whereby he created his own way forward.

Among various highs and lows of his story, it was the biggest twist where he was completely uncertain about what is lying ahead of him. With a leap of faith, Kai moved to Switzerland to re-start his creativity process once again form the scratch. Furthermore, he had no one with him in this process. All that he carried was his year’s long experience and an unwavering belief in himself.

The courage of conviction is one of the strongest driving force for success yet demonstrated by very few people. And those who carry this strong conviction that they can change their destiny, actually do this. They don’t follow the most followed course. Instead, they think out of the box and pave a new way that helps their predecessors as well. His peaked curiosity to explore something innovative and multi-faceted aspects of his work, he came to Switzerland. There he worked with scrupulous attention on the graphic implementations for a company’s campaigns.

His impetuous passion for videography and web designing led him to invent his famous projects “yourcarstory” and “yourcompanystory” along with his friend. These projects comprise of filming and expressing the message about anything that has some emotional connection, whether be a luxurious vehicle, a simple engine, an astonishing aspect of an organization, or a service offered by any start-up.

Where on one hand, the concept of entrepreneurship has skyrocketed in the past few years, the competition, on the other hand, has made it very difficult for many entrepreneurs to stand out. Kai Schoene’s prominence escalated when he stood among the uppermost Swiss Men Celebrities. Swiss Men’s award for the Mister Right is globally renowned competition for men in Switzerland where adept coaches from the Swiss Celebrity Scene constitute the bench of jury. They host various public challenges to evaluate the contestants by all means. The participants also partake in grand social events where they interact with people from diverse cultures and gain an enriching exposure. Such activities extend over six months. Based on cumulative results of these tasks, all the Mr. Right are awarded ranks in the grand finale. Being a German national and winning seventh place in this marvelous competition was a hugely encouraging prospect for Kai that also made him a rising social media influencer.

As Cristian Dorobantescu, a rising entrepreneur says, ‘You cannot copy success. You should make your own definition of success, then live, breath and work towards, until it becomes true’, Kai proves this with his diligence and tenacious efforts.

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