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Kanishk Gupta, a young entrepreneur aiming to rule the Share Bazaar

Kanishk Gupta is a renowned name in the NCR business circuit. Founder & CEO of Incomet, he is just 21 years of age, but with his sheer passion and relentless hard work he has managed to run a trailblazing start-up, which is an e-learning platform to make a successful career in share bazaar.

Kanishk Gupta founded Incomet in the year 2018 and made it a success story within 2 years with an out-of-the-box idea and its superb implementation. He grew a passion for share bazaar when he was just 16 years, but turning this into his profession wasn’t an easy task. He had his share of struggles and went through ups and downs both financially and emotionally. Extraordinary risk-taking ability made him survive through all the odds.

Incomet now has a huge number of stock market aspirants as its trainees. The firm is known to have very dynamic and up-to-date study material and training sessions. It uses the most recent technology to spread knowledge in trading and investment. “This is just the beginning,” says Kanishk “ We have already covered complete South India, National Capital Region, and few cities of Maharashtra, but we are aiming at pan India presence very soon.”

Kanishk aims to be among the top-most names in the share bazaar. He says “I am passionate about how adventurously these markets work and how a systematic approach can make you gain big in this sector. Very few people gain in-depth knowledge before trading and investing, we are trying to change this approach. We aim that each of our trainees makes a mark in careers associated with stock markets .” His knowledge, sharpness, and brilliance make him achieve most of his goals.

It is his dedication that has made Incomet a leading trading and investment community on social media. As Instagram is gaining popularity as a business-app, a follower count of 1.4 million on this platform matters a lot. Kanishk is inching closer to his goal with each passing day. His success is paving the path for other youngsters too to dream big at a young age.

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