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Kazim Khan: Learning and growing his way

“You are ultimately responsible for your success and failure, but you only succeed if you share the reward with others.” This is an excerpt from a speech that Mike Bloomberg, a famous entrepreneur of Newyork city gave out.

Kazim Khan, the star entrepreneur of New Delhi seems to follow the same lines. With him standing in the peak of his career’s success, he firmly stands by the same belief of Bloomberg that one must be down to earth, no matter what achievement that he has gotten so far or how valuable he is.

He has been very keen on giving out advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs who has approached him to seek help. That is where, the value of a person’s personality lies, far more than their achievements. He stands by the realities of life and hasn’t forgotten the struggle which he had to endure with no godfather for him to lead his way. He didn’t want anybody else suffering the same way.

He has been a very great and successful entrepreneur and has worked really hard to grab the success that he has right now. He is the founder of a construction company named, ‘Exalter group’ which is moving forward touching milestones with their exceptional service and client engagement. They are one of the leading building companies in Delhi as well as Northern India. He has also been running another company, “Himas Impex” for the last three years. They are a private company handling large import and export activities. His exceptional ability to maintain the multitasking of running two major firms is highly appreciable.

The major part that laid the base for his success is his ability and willingness to take risks. One cannot achieve something by staying in their comfort zones and repeating the same ideas over and over again. The customers nowadays need s lot of innovative addition to their works, so innovation requires steps that include taking over tasks that are highly risky and may or may not be appropriate. But he took the chances everytime, he had to and it paid off in the most beautiful way.

He believes that luck indeed plays a part in success, but it’s not the same kind of luck that comes out of nowhere. It is that luck that is accompanied by hardwork. He says, “God doesn’t just grand you anything out of nothing. We have to make it at least half the way for him to give us the rest of the fruits of our hardwork. That comes with determination and passion, which I take care to always maintain.” Such an inspiring thought to be taken into account.

This doesn’t stop just there. Even though with his success to make him high headed, he still follows the learner’s path. He thinks one is always a student, no matter whatever he has achieved or conquered. He is still learning and improving on his business skills. He takes advice from many renowned entrepreneurs to work on his skills and ideas more to grow his business into one of the best in the whole of India. Kudos to his confidence and willingness to move forward with confidence at each of his step.

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