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In conversation with Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani

Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani opens up about operating an orphanage in Kurdistan

Not a lot of people in the world are selfless to the point where they dedicate themselves to a cause and no matter what difficulties and hurdles that come across their path, they move forward. One such example is Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani who owns and runs the Harman orphanage in Erbil, Kurdistan. He has served as an inspiration to thousands of people not only in Iraq but across the world.

Palan is a native of Erbil, Kurdistan but was born and brought up in Germany. After staying in Germany for about 18 years, Palan moved back to Kurdistan. There, he wanted to help people and so he started an Orphanage and has made it his life goal to help as many children there as he can.

Palan believes that nothing is worse for a child losing his/her parents. He has been running the orphanage for over five years now and created a safe haven for a lot of children.

Palan has previously spoken about how, over the years, he has come across people who share similar ideologies to him. He adds, “there are people helping me out with the orphanage because like me, even they want children to have a new life which is not affected by war.”

Most of the orphans that Palan takes in are victims of war whose parents. Adding more on it, he shared, “I decided to create a safe place for the children that are affected due to the war.”

Palan wants to do more for the children than to just provide a safe haven for children and he tries his best to educate the children and provide them with a good lifestyle. He understands the importance of education and how it develops a person in the long run.

Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani served as an inspiration for many and for children, he is a messiah.

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