Parul Gulati talks about her brand for good hair, Nish Hair.

Parul Gulati Gets Talking About Her Successful Brand

Young actress Parul Gulati has been a wonderful performer, who has given power and commitment to projects and characters that she has been a part of. She has been part of some popular projects like P.O.W. – Bandhi Yuddh Ke, Haq Se, Selection Day, Girls Hostel, The Viral Fever Girliyappa etc.

Now Parul has turned a new leaf and has become an entrepreneur. She is known for her brand, Nish Hair. A report on talks about Parul’s new brand and we take reference from that story for our write up here.

Talking about the brand she said, “Each extension is made with 100% human hair, hand-selected, and stitched to perfection. They believe in practicing integrity, honesty, and quality in all that they do, making sure that each process from sourcing to production is done in a clean, safe, and ethical manner. The brand is made for women by women, and 90% of the team is women! Nish Hair nurtures a culture of inclusivity and respect, rewards hard work, and values open-mindedness, courage, compassion, and a belief in the limitless potential of all.”

“If somebody has made up their mind about a hair transplant and people go for it when they have lost their frontal hairline. I make products generally for women and they mostly go for hair extensions. And hair transplants are really painful. There are young girls who suffer from severe hair loss and choose extensions with the hope that their hairline will grow back. So I cannot say it for everyone. But most women prefer hair extensions only.”

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Wow!! This is exceptional, Parul. Wish you all the very best with Nish Hair!!