Discover the inspiring journey of Parull Khanna, who went from being a cabin crew member to becoming a successful jewelry designer thanks to her determination and creativity.

Parull Khanna: From Cabin Crew to Jewelry Maven - A Journey of Determination and Creativity 814289

Choosing a career path at 18 is a significant decision for anyone, but for Parull Khanna, it was a dream come true. She had always been fascinated by the idea of flying and decided to pursue a career as a cabin crew.

With limited options and a strong determination to provide for her children, Parull realized that entrepreneurship was the only way to put food on the table. It wasn’t easy for a woman to start working after such a long break, but she was determined to make it work. Parull decided to return to her roots, joining an institute as a trainer while working in a corporate firm. Her passion for interior design led her to collaborate with a friend who owned an interior design company, and soon after, she started her own independent interior design firm.

During the lockdown, Parull’s second business, Studio 6 Jewels, came into existence. Influenced by her style and her mother’s encouragement, she ventured into the world of imitation jewelry. Studio 6 Jewels quickly gained popularity and attracted clients like Lulia Vantur, who became their brand ambassador. The jewelry brand adorned numerous TV celebrities and became a go-to choice for weddings, pre-wedding events, and cocktail parties.

Parull Khanna: From Cabin Crew to Jewelry Maven - A Journey of Determination and Creativity 814291

Managing two businesses simultaneously might seem challenging, but for Parull, it’s a source of joy. When asked about her secret to success, she states that each day becomes enjoyable when her passion and profession align.

Today, Parull Khanna’s entrepreneurial ventures have spread their wings across India, with clients in Canada, the United States, and Dubai. Parull’s determination and resilience have propelled her forward despite the hurdles she faced, turning her dreams into reality. Her journey inspires women from all walks of life, proving that with dedication and a relentless spirit, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve success.

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