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Shruti Dahibavkar is an enterprising entrepreneur

PR Connoisseur Shruti Dahibavkar dissolves the dilemma of Public Portrayal

One of the budding names in the PR industry, Shruti Dahibavkar is reigning her journey as an entrepreneur. Being the co-founder and CEO of a Mumbai based PR and Digital Marketing Agency, so far Shruti has been wonderfully acing every project that is coming her way by skillfully mastering every aspect of public portrayal and digital marketing.

Hailing from Mumbai, the city of dreams, Shruti has marked her excellence into the world of PR that has become a mandatory advertising and communication tool today. This 25-year-old entrepreneur holds a master’s degree in entertainment media and advertising adding to her in-depth knowledge in this field. Working as an entertainment publicist since 2016, she has seized her expertise in image-building and PR strategies.

Shruti has lent her versatile PR services to multiple organizations and individuals belonging to varied professional backgrounds. Whether it be a charity, a political personality, a commercial firm or an entertainment celebrity, her strong writing skills and PR approach has been acknowledged by clients of every area. Shruti’s commendable PR strategies come to the rescue for those who struggle with their public presence as well as for those who want to expand their public reach. She has efficiently proved her proficiency in Digital Marketing and PR related tasks.

Commencing her professional life by doing typical 9-6 job in various firms, Shruti made her way to the field of her interest when she finally landed getting a job of her dream at Spice PR, one of the leading entertainment public relations companies in Mumbai. From serving as an executive to managing an entire team, the 360-degree PR exposure she gained working for the firm provided the base for building up her empire in this field. Shruti along with her close friend and well wisher Harish Pednekar started their PR agency and together they ended up bagging multiple huge projects.

Currently, Shruti is gaining name, fame and respect in the Gujarati Film Industry as an image-building consultant and PR strategist. Her consistent planned and sustained efforts have attracted many big names including famous actress Khushi Shah and distinguished director Viral Shah. She invests her efforts consistently into self-enhancement that reflects in her work. Shruti has not only deals with clients from the entertainment industry but also various other areas like business sectors, politicians, influencers and the list goes on. Having multiple projects lined up, Shruti looks forward to bigger opportunities.

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