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Rishiraj Singh Sehgal: A young entrepreneur’s journey amassing his empire

The dawn of the digital age has been extremely fruitful for young entrepreneurs who don’t hesitate to use all the resources available at their fingertips. They can’t seem to get enough as the word entrepreneur has already become blasé in many networking circles. The focus has now shifted to serial-entrepreneurs many of whom are young and charismatic individuals that have diversified in many different sectors. These fast-thinkers bring a highly-valued difference in perspective due to their cross-sector exposure. Armed with this outside-the-box approach to problem-solving and using their larger than average appetite to take on risk, these visionaries will go to any lengths to see their venture succeed.

Rishiraj Singh Sehgal is one such visionary who embodies all such traits discussed above. Sehgal is an Indo-Canadian entrepreneur who began his journey in hospitality at the young age of 25. His labor and commitment would soon come to fruition as he witnessed outstanding success in an industry he loved. His immensely popular Bandra based restaurant ‘Sardaarji’ frequently tops the culinary charts of the city and has played host to celebrities like Robert Hoffman, Kareena Kapoor, and Zakir Khan. We often find that, for entrepreneurs like Rishiraj, the road never seems to end with success and that they are instead motivated by continuous growth.

Sehgal would use his success in hospitality as a launchpad to explore various verticals like nightlife, lifestyle, luxury, and most-notably in cybersecurity. At the outset, he understood the increasing prominence of online security and currently serves as the Vice President of Cybernetiv. Data security is one of the primary areas of concern for both organizations and individuals alike. His savvy decision-making enables him to provide turn-key solutions to his growing network of businesses and HNI’s. Rishiraj Singh Sehgal inspires the next wave of young entrepreneurs with his hard work and dedication towards seeing his ventures flourish and succeed.

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