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VIVEK SINGH – RED LAKE Founder – A man who fulfilled his dream

Every journey begins with something we either dislike or the one which we are passionate about. For Vivek Singh, his journey took a starting point from website development and moved ahead to many other startups, getting him successes and moving forward in a pattern he was well aware of, he has been serving along with his talent and hard work at Softonixworld, as a Director and as the owner of HostDust Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and co-owner at Vaibhav Vivek Electricals. In his eight-year journey, he has also been part of many entrepreneurship challenges, including the one held in Indore in the year 2017, where Vivek became a runner up and 2018 SIH finalist, wherein his ideas and working style was highly appreciated.

He started with the team of three, with him as the co-founder and the Director, while Pankaj Kashyap and Sunny Bundel, as the two directors and key players. It is the hard work of them and their team, which made the website move towards a path of success with the best in career, they all gave trusting each other. For him, every single person working there is essential and responsible for the success they received to date.

With his talent and hard work, Vivek has also achieved some of the fantastic opportunities like being part of MHRD & PWD, a Government initiative, for their attendance system. He was also offered a partnership in the company he was working. It was his experience and knowledge about the field, which made him receive such fantastic career-making opportunities, where he got numerous chances to show his skills and growth pattern, a path of unexpected to success.
For what people say about him, he is known for taking bold steps but with the leap of breaks, at the right time, to make the success worthy.

Apart from this, his name today is known for the achievements he made and the entrepreneurship challenges he won. Be it standing 2nd in the 2017 entrepreneurship challenge or the 2018s Smart India Hackathon, and he proved his worth everywhere. He started his career with blogging in 2013, then started learning development and achieved many milestones in life, he worked for many companies like Softonixworld, Bps Infotech, soft digital, etc.

Vivek Singh is an extraordinary entrepreneur who, by his hard work, has motivated & encouraged many. He is the founder and CEO of HostDust Infotech Pvt. Ltd, which had a successful merger with RedLake, an Indian web hosting company. Apart from this, he is also an active investor of the merged company working along with the founder of RedLake, Manan Raj. Today where he stands, he holds a great list of achievements, including the entrepreneurship challenges he won and standing 2nd in Smart India Hackathon 2017. By all means, whatever he did, he put up more than a hundred percent of his efforts in it, making little by little huge successes.

It took him eight years, but today he is standing here, as a successful one. He has also seen many opportunities, he used some while rejecting others. Guessing that how life goes on but to move ahead, doing what we love is the utmost requirement,” says Vivek Singh, co-founder, and CEO of RedLake, Director of HostDust Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and the co-owner of Vaibhav Vivek electricals.

Well, we don’t know what else to ask for from such a talented mind who is out there serving his country from his own will and is making sure that the growth of every single person in connection with him can continue without a stop.

Therefore VIVEK SINGH has proved that “A little progress each day adds up to big results in one’s life”.

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