When you find the kind of man that has some, all, or most of the traits on this list, you know you've met someone special:

You should marry a man with whom you are deeply in love. He ought to be nothing short of extraordinary. The man you marry should also understand how special love and marriage are.

Makes you feel safe and comfortable

Some people have a sense of belonging. You don’t have to act around them. It’s okay to be you. Why let a man leave if he doesn’t criticize your behavior or appearance and you feel at ease and at ease around him?

Is Good With Your Family and Friends

A man is worth spending your life with if he respects your friends and family in the same way that they regard their own. The only man who can do this is one who understands family values.

Values you and considers your opinions

You ought to have a say in the matter. Whether it’s what you order at a restaurant, where you go, or even the little things. When a man permits you to do that, it shows that he values and respects you for who you are. Never let him leave your life.

He is Kind and Considerate.

Men are typically too practical. Don’t let the man leave if he considers your preferences and acts accordingly.

He’s loyal.

Your future husband should be loyal to you with 500% loyalty. He ought to be focused solely on you. He is exclusively yours, so you never have to worry about his becoming unfaithful.

He respects you

He remarks on how lovely you appear out of the blue. He brags about you to his friends because he recognizes your uniqueness. He never lets you forget how fortunate he is to have you in his life.

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