Do you have a friend you’ve been meaning to call for a long time? You used to be so close, but it’s been three months since you’ve spoken to them. And, to be honest, the last time you spoke with them, things weren’t quite pleasant. It’s never fun to grow apart from friends, yet it happens. Read on to find out how to tell if you and a friend have drifted apart and it’s time to call it quits.

One of the most telling symptoms that you’ve drifted apart from your buddies is that you no longer understand each other. Consider your early friendship: you probably shared a lot of inside jokes, secret signal words, and a communication style that was almost like your own private language. You were always on the same page and never battled. However, you may now find yourself having more and more arguments with this individual. You don’t appear to comprehend each other as well as you did before. Misunderstandings can lead to conflicts, which can result in broken feelings and extended silences that neither of you can break. And, while we’re on the subject of long silences, that’s another clue your friendship is on the rocks.

Humans are social beings, and we all have people with whom we communicate on a daily basis. True friends are the folks you text or call without thinking about it or making an effort since they’ve become such an integral part of your life. When you begin to drift, though, the speech is the first thing to disappear. You can go weeks or months without speaking to each other, and it doesn’t affect you in the least. This individual is no longer a part of your life, and you don’t find it unusual that you don’t tell them about your day or the irritating thing your boss said at work. Although friendship should come naturally to some extent, it must also be prioritized in your life. Simply expressed, your priorities are the areas of your life where you choose to invest your time. You probably spent a lot more time with your friend when you were closer, going to their birthday parties, taking trips together, and hanging out with them.

Consider the last time you made time for your friend, as well as the last time they made time for you. Do you find yourself canceling plans with them in order to pursue other interests? If that’s the case, your friendship isn’t a top priority for either of you, and you’re moving away. The early stages of making a buddy are exciting because you’re learning how much you have in common. You read the same books, watch the same movies, watch the same TV series, have similar interests, and listen to similar music. You appear to be in sync in every aspect of your lives, and it’s lovely to be able to share the things you enjoy with others.

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